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Roasted butternut with ham and goat cheese + pairings

Happy new year! The year ended well with big tables filled in with magnum bottles at Chateau des Moriers, but also with the arrival of our Fleurie in China. News coming up soon!

Today I’m sharing one of my recent discovery, a simple recipe you often can find on instagram with foodies, because it’s delicious and beautiful. I especially like it because to eat it, you have to share it. It’s a change from all the individual nibbles. I’ve tried it a few times now, for lunch or aperitif and it was always a great success. You’ll find the recipe just underneath.
In my wine range, I like it with the chardonnays: Mâcon or Beaujolais Blanc. It’s also fabulous with a sweet wine from the Loire, Bordeaux or Tokaij. 
potimaron roti vicky
Ingredients :
- Un potimarron (half a potiron to share for a light meal, one half for 4 to 6 at the aperitif)
- 2 small goat cheese for each half
- Some smoked ham
- 2 spoons full of honey
- thyme or rosemary
- pre-cooked chestnuts if you like them
  1. Cut the butternut in two, get the pits out
  2.  Pre-cut squares with a knife to make it easy to share and help the olive oil get in
  3. Slice the goat cheese and cover the butternut
  4. Add up some smoked ham, chorizo or any piece of cured pork you like
  5. Moisturize with olive oil
  6. Add up some honey and thyme or rosemary.
Roast at 150°C until the goat cheese is crisp and the butternut tender, if necessary, higher up the temperature for the last 10 minutes.
Eat with a desert spoon.
Wines : 
- Macon de Vicky (chardonnay) or Beaujolais Blanc, Personnal Collection (chardonnay) – un accord simple qui marche toujours avec le chèvre ou les lardons.
- Tokaij Diznoko : the sweet notes will pair perfectly with the tenderness of the butternut, richness of the ham and sweetness of the honey.
potimaron roti ceps


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