Vicky's adventures


23 Jul

Pre-sales for O JOIE in a can!

I'm on a new project this summer, it goes with our family vineyard trying to find a way to sustainable farming and practices but also answering now consumption need. I'm launching my last wine in a can! Pre-sales are until 14th of August on the French platform Miimosa, but you can order from anywhere in the world, providing you have the translation. Here it is! What's...

05 May

Ô Joie and Fleurs des Champs : Two new Fleurie for Vicky’s Wines

Two new wines are joining my collection this week at Château des Moriers. For those who don't know, it's my family vineyard where I work with my father, in Beaujolais. It's been 10 years that Vicky's wines exist and it had been a while since a new release. Confined these pas weeks, the two Fleurie wine are ready to fly away to you. And I...

22 Mar

Meat pies & Beaujolais Wines : Basic Recipe

If there is something I really like it's meat pies. I like to eat them and luckily enough for me, I love to make them. It's looking good on the table, it's tasty and comforting. The full flavors and the richness of the dough match perfectly with the light crisp style of almost any Beaujolais. Particularly the ones we make, on granit soils, with spices...

30 Sep

Vintage 2019 in Fleurie : family

We could be singing French love songs in the vineyard, to talk about the frivolous relationship between the grape pickers and their fellow grapes friend. But, many of the team members are faithful and come back every year to continue writing the vineyard story, plus they don’t speak French!  Harvests come in series that don’t resemble each other. Even if, they are events that occur...

16 Jun

Rare Moments: Chef Akane Monavon at Chateau des Moriers (Fleurie)

Last week-end, the vineyard of Beaujolais changed into a huge feast. 35  properties were hosting a chef and special guests for a unique gastronomic experience, beaujonomic! At our home, Chateau des Moriers, it's the whole family who gave a hand to welcome more than 110 guests around chef Akane Monavon's menu. Born from a magic explosion between a Burgundian father and a Japanese mother, Akane's...

23 May

Week-end Beaujonomique : Akane Monavon at our family vineyard

'm waiting for you with my father Gilles and chef Akane Monavon. Book your table with us and taste the last vintages! From the terrasse, you will be able to see the famous windmill for the cru Moulin-à-vent and the Alps on good days. When : The 8th and 9th of June for lunch or dinner. Meal : 40 euros. Book at  : Our vineyard...