Vicky's adventures


07 Dec

Ô JOIE! The wine is in the can!

I've blended the 2019 vintage for a wine dedicated to immediate pleasure. Opened in 1 second, I like it poured in a glass, slightly chill. It helps the wine opening up after it's been confine with no oxygen in the can. In the can, the wine is protected from external agressions thanks to a special cover that separate it from aluminum. The wine barely evolves,...

05 Nov

Can And Bottles : The New Fleuries Drawn By Fabienne Germain

It's possible you have heard of my two new wine releases Fleurs des Champs et Ô Joie : two juicy wines, crunchy and full of red berries. They come from our family vineyard in Fleurie: Chateau des Moriers. To rig out this beautiful words, we had to find a 3D poet. I was lucky to meet Fabienne Germain a few years ago at a trade event...

02 Nov

Fleurs des Champs : box office hit with

A lot has happened since the exhibition Wine Paris has closed its doors last February 2020. It was probably the last wine professional meeting of its size in the year, the occasion to cross the path of Justin from  In fact, the world shut down just when I was going to launch my two new Fleurie wines: O JOIE et FLEURS DES  CHAMPS. A...

23 Jul

Pre-sales for O JOIE in a can!

I'm on a new project this summer, it goes with our family vineyard trying to find a way to sustainable farming and practices but also answering now consumption need. I'm launching my last wine in a can! Pre-sales are until 14th of August on the French platform Miimosa, but you can order from anywhere in the world, providing you have the translation. Here it is! What's...

05 May

Ô Joie and Fleurs des Champs : Two new Fleurie for Vicky’s Wines

Two new wines are joining my collection this week at Château des Moriers. For those who don't know, it's my family vineyard where I work with my father, in Beaujolais. It's been 10 years that Vicky's wines exist and it had been a while since a new release. Confined these pas weeks, the two Fleurie wine are ready to fly away to you. And I...

22 Mar

Meat pies & Beaujolais Wines : Basic Recipe

If there is something I really like it's meat pies. I like to eat them and luckily enough for me, I love to make them. It's looking good on the table, it's tasty and comforting. The full flavors and the richness of the dough match perfectly with the light crisp style of almost any Beaujolais. Particularly the ones we make, on granit soils, with spices...