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Pre-sales for O JOIE in a can!

I’m on a new project this summer, it goes with our family vineyard trying to find a way to sustainable farming and practices but also answering now consumption need. I’m launching my last wine in a can!

Pre-sales are until 14th of August on the French platform Miimosa, but you can order from anywhere in the world, providing you have the translation. Here it is!

Miss Vicky Can - Service carré

  • What’s to like

I love cans because they are so practical, handy to carry to your picnic spot, easy to store in the fridge, they get cool in no time. It’s very good for the ones that live in small space and like to enjoy a glass of wine, just one or two on a casual day… these days when they wonder if it’s worth it opening a bottle. It’s a very spontaneous way of getting your glass of wine.

By buying the can now, you help me fund the canning, but I’d also consult you on packaging and would love your feedback on the quality.


  • The vineyard

We are in Fleurie in Beaujolais on pink granit that gives freshness to the wine. Our vineyard is in the family for 6th generations now, each of them adapting to the changing reality of our societies.

Maybe you’ve met me, I’m Anne-Victoire alias Vicky for Miss Vicky Wine. I have been working with my father on our Fleurie wines for ten years now, and created the Vicky’s wines. I’m often on the wine road thanks to my blog that helped me learn so much about wine all over the world.

At Chateau des Moriers, we are on a transition to organic farming. In the vineyard, we try some innovating ways to better respect the natural cycle of the plant. We are rethink the way we do viticulture.

Grapes are handpicked, as in most of the vineyards in Beaujolais, it’s a great moment in the history of each vintage! Part of our wines is age in the cellar, the other one is aimed to to drunk younger, it’s the case of the last releases O JOIE and FLEURS DES CHAMPS.

Gilles the winemaker, and the pickers 

  • The wine : Ô Joie, Fleurie AOC, 2018.

Fleurie is a Beaujolais cru, part of it’s beautiful AOCs. Grapes are harvested by hand at the end of the summer. The fruit is crunchy with red berries, black pepper and cherry notes. This wine is the easier lighter body of the chateau that makes wines with more grip than most of Beaujolais.

  • Canned wine? Why not?

Canned wine can surprise, specially in France. We are used to the bottle, we have a natural link with it, seeing the wine change format isn’t obvious. And, most of the wines in can are not of the best sort, nor wines from chateaux and domaines, it’s sometimes difficult to see who has made the wine, where it comes from. I hope this will change, and that we’ll see more growers making cans in France so that the offer will be of quality and will get the consumer into it.

Cans are not here to replace the bottle, they just offer an alternative and give you more opportunities to drink some wine. It’s just here to help! It’s also well adapted to crisp light wines that are not meant to be kept.

  • I’ve tried wine in a can. 

After trying it a few months ago, I can’t believe it. Light, practical, without any complexes, it’s a way to put wine where it wasn’t. Forget about the corkscrew, cork taste and oxydation!

Clic! A glass in seconds.  The can is perfect to take away, by the glass in restaurants, at the mini-bar, on the terrasse, always good, always fresh. I prefer it served in a wine glass that allows it to aerate but here all is permitted. Can is wine with no fuss!




I have imagined a dozen of counterparts, that are like presales for the can. You can also choose to add up some wine bottles. If you are a professional, they are 3 offers for you, one international (taxe free). You can find everything on the French page here, and a few translated counterparts, transport included :

20€ / 3 cans O JOIE

44€ / 9 cans O JOIE

60€ / 2 bottles and 6 cans O JOIE

75€ / 18 cans O JOIE

90€ / 24 cans O JOIE

Pro offers, transport not included : 

440€ / 9 boxes of 24 cans (2.03€ by can)

What for?

This crowdfunding campaign is a giant taste with you, a good way to know if you are interested in the first place. Canning wine is also costly with some risks, so any little helps. Join this little revolution with me!


Thank you and let’s meet for the launch in September!



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