Jury’s selection

Choosing a wine region

Choosing an appellation, it's a first step,
it happens with all the encounters, wine exhibitions,
best wines tasted and experiences.
It has to be an accessible wine, for juices to share.
Beaujolais, Provence, South Burgundy and Bordeaux.

Goûter des centaines de vins pour en choisir un

Gather samples.

Thanks to the introduction of the new vintage in Provence
thanks to the Wines of Mâcon syndicate,
thanks to the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur Bureau,
but also Twitter, encounters and advices,
I was able to gather for each different wines
about 15 different samples.

Pré-selection des échantillons

Blind Tasting

With a jury of passionate consumers and professionals,
it's the great tasting hour.
Blind, the 15 members gather around the table,
take notes and argue to choose the best wines.
The 3 favorites are kept on the side for the next step.

Dégustation à l'aveugle

The last road trip.

Close to the goal, it's time to re-taste the wines,
and to go visit the winemakers in their vineyard
to get to know each other.
After this last trip, verdict,
Vicky's wine is unveiled,
It's time to think of the label and the party!

Rencontrer les vignerons

The Wine Label

A silhouette to define the wine:
swaggerer, young, elegant, structured ?
All starts with a picture transformed in a shadow
and a few drafts proposed to the community.
The highest votes gets it to the bottle,
now time to go to the printer to try it on
and choose the final pantone.

Designer l'étiquette

The Big Tour.

The die is cast and the wine is ready,
time to uncork !
It's is a good occasion
to see friends and fans of Vicky's wines :o).
See you soon !

Lancement d'une nouvelle cuvée, l'occasion de célébrer !

Jury's members

Marthe Henry


Paloma Ezcurra


Arnaud Terrisson


Luc Chanut


Isabelle Spiri


Thierry Moussu


Laure Monrozier


Mathilde Mariette


Nicolas de Rouyn


Pierre Grimaldi


Audrey Domenach


Edouard de Luze

Into The Wine