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Château des Moriers has been in my family for over 200 years. My father Gilles Monrozier got into winemaking about 7 years ago. Here is the second vintage of Château des Moriers for Miss Vicky Wine. The Fleurie 2010 from my family vineyard is fresh, flowery and will grow more complex after a few years. Then it will fully expresses its elegance.

The wine :

Every year we modernise our vineyard to guarentee a positive evalution on our wine's quality level. Our latest addition to our cellar included 400 litre barrels.

Situation :

In the north of Beaujolais, between Les Thorins and Le Point du Jour. Hillside and plain.

Terroir :

Sand and Pink granit.

In the vineyard :

Integrated Farming.

Winemaking :

Maceration semi-carbonic, 10 days, full grapes.

Cépages :

Gamay : 100%

Serving tips :

Always better if you can open it half an hour before, but I usually enjoy it without waiting.

Tasting notes :

Unless it's the hottest day of the summer, it doesn't need to go in the fridge. If it was in the fridge to cool it down, allow 30 minutes before you drink it.

Food pairing :

Really good on white meat, soups, vegetarian dishes, also tarts, cheese topped dishes. Soft cheeses, goat cheeses.

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