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Ô JOIE! The wine is in the can!

I’ve blended the 2019 vintage for a wine dedicated to immediate pleasure. Opened in 1 second, I like it poured in a glass, slightly chill. It helps the wine opening up after it’s been confine with no oxygen in the can.

In the can, the wine is protected from external agressions thanks to a special cover that separate it from aluminum. The wine barely evolves, so we like to put a wine ready to drink in the can!

canette de fleurie et vicky

Wine in cans don’t come in to replace the bottle, it gives us new opportunities to drink a glass of wine. Think of all these quick meals when you’d have loved to sip a small glass, all the take aways that don’t give it as an option and where beer takes the lead. Here is a way to have wine back in your daily life!

I was always fascinated by alternative packagings, and once you have the can in hand, the urge to crack it open is strong. It excites curiosity, offers new perspectives and comes in very handy. No, it won’t replace the bottle, but so light, it gives more simplicity to all your wine moments.

The adventure started 6 months ago, in Spring 2020, and came true during a trip to the south of France in October when my dad and I brought the wine in bulk and came back with cans. A big program that was followed by labelling, and pre-ordered deliveries. Already 1500 cans sold to more than 80 beta testeurs who had bought their cans on the crowdfunding campaign. A big thank you to them, and thank you for all the tasting notes :) .

May the can travel, and us with it :)

Talk soon,


You can order on my shop here > ma boutique

Soon available at

canettes 3 O JOIE

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