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Can And Bottles : The New Fleuries Drawn By Fabienne Germain

It’s possible you have heard of my two new wine releases Fleurs des Champs et Ô Joie : two juicy wines, crunchy and full of red berries. They come from our family vineyard in Fleurie: Chateau des Moriers.

To rig out this beautiful words, we had to find a 3D poet. I was lucky to meet Fabienne Germain a few years ago at a trade event in Beaujolais. She makes wine labels but is also an artist, a words sculptor, radiant. When I discovered her letters cut into paper, I didn’t hesitate.

Fabienne like to bring words to life but cutting beautiful papers. Shadows and lightening gives rise to new messages and drawings. She loves typography, the drawings letters form. With this process, the words turn into sculptures, she likes to start off with a white page with no pencil to create new poems. The paper, such a simple thing in apparences, writes a story thanks to the folds and voids.

A joyful world, luminous, pure, and full of poetry that was going well with these cheerful wines. Handcrafted labels for handcrafted wines.

Discover her work on Instagram : 

Fabienne Sculpteur de mots

Wine labels Made In Fa

Before it reaches the stores, you can by a discovery pack on my online shop !
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