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Ô Joie and Fleurs des Champs : Two new Fleurie for Vicky’s Wines

Two new wines are joining my collection this week at Château des Moriers. For those who don’t know, it’s my family vineyard where I work with my father, in Beaujolais. It’s been 10 years that Vicky’s wines exist and it had been a while since a new release. Confined these pas weeks, the two Fleurie wine are ready to fly away to you. And I must say, it’s been a year they are in the starting blocks!

Ô Joie and Fleurs des Champs are coming to complete our range, they are younger, more accessible that their big sisters: Vicky’s Fleurie and the classic style from Chateau des Moriers. First we have selected the juices amongst the 2018 from the château, then we looked for names, then we tasted again, created the labels, tasted again, told the story, tasted again, waited endlessly for the bottling.

The two Fleuries are situated on vineyards located around the house, on sandy pink granits. I often ran around, hiding in between trees or riding my bike along the rose alley. They mean a lot to me!

Ô Joie imposed itself quickly by its fruit and freshness which makes it a perfect wine for big thirsts.  Fleurs des Champs is more solar, flowery, full of cheer and innocence. You’ll recognise the style of the château, fresh, spicy and structured, I particularly like their crunchiness and velvet touch.

The label by artiste Fabienne Germain (world sculptor) was handcrafted to make the joyful and flowery words dance. A style that went perfectly with Vicky’s world that tells my story on the wine road.

To try without waiting!
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Photo : First sips at the Fleurie party during WINE PARIS – and the day before bottling. 


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