Familly’s wines

A Beaujolais history

Vicky's wines, it is first familly selection.
My family is in the Beaujolais since 200 years!

On my dad's side it is in Fleurie at Château des Moriers
in the Beaujolais Crus.
My cousins are in the Beaujolais-Villages,
in the southern part of the region
at domaine de Buis-Rond.

My dad is the winemaker at Château des Moriers since 2005

My cousins, at domaine de Buis-Rond

Pleasures and memories.

If there is no question on the choice of the vineyard,
it's important to choose the juices
and to decide of future orientations.

Every year, we celebrate during the harvest,
during the Beaujolais Nouveau
and at the crus celebration week-end.
It's always a pleasure to support my family
and many good memories!

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