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Ô JOIE! The wine is in the can!

07 Dec

Ô JOIE! The wine is in the can!

I've blended the 2019 vintage for a wine dedicated to immediate pleasure. Opened in 1 second, I like it poured in a glass, slightly chill. It helps the wine opening up after it's been confine with no oxygen in the can. In the can, the wine is protected from external agressions thanks to a special cover that separate it from aluminum. The wine barely evolves,...

02 Nov

Fleurs des Champs : box office hit with

A lot has happened since the exhibition Wine Paris has closed its doors last February 2020. It was probably the last wine professional meeting of its size in the year, the occasion to cross the path of Justin from  In fact, the world shut down just when I was going to launch my two new Fleurie wines: O JOIE et FLEURS DES  CHAMPS. A...

05 May

Ô Joie and Fleurs des Champs : Two new Fleurie for Vicky’s Wines

Two new wines are joining my collection this week at Château des Moriers. For those who don't know, it's my family vineyard where I work with my father, in Beaujolais. It's been 10 years that Vicky's wines exist and it had been a while since a new release. Confined these pas weeks, the two Fleurie wine are ready to fly away to you. And I...

16 Jun

Rare Moments: Chef Akane Monavon at Chateau des Moriers (Fleurie)

Last week-end, the vineyard of Beaujolais changed into a huge feast. 35  properties were hosting a chef and special guests for a unique gastronomic experience, beaujonomic! At our home, Chateau des Moriers, it's the whole family who gave a hand to welcome more than 110 guests around chef Akane Monavon's menu. Born from a magic explosion between a Burgundian father and a Japanese mother, Akane's...

02 May

New look for the Beaujolais-Villages

Vicky's Beaujolais Villages is changing look! My sister Laure Monrozier was in charge of the modeling.  It’s been 10 years now that she Helps me designing my brand. A teamwork that led to a new wine label for this vintage. The history of the wine label : Silhouette and a duck. Wine labels always had my silhouette on them, it was a choice sometimes difficult to...

14 Oct

#Harvest2018, Chateau de Moriers Fleurie in the sunshine

At château des Moriers For Vicky's Fleurie 2018, the vintage should be legendary. Because the harvest was exceptional but also because it follows two years with low yield (we had frost and hail in 2016, hail again in 2017). Spring was humid allowing sufficient water reserve to prepare to the grand summer we had. Great for grapes and for swimming, not so amazing for our...

15 May

Bien Boire en Beaujolais, edition 2017 !

Time goes by and I've not been writing to you for a while. Guess what, I'm back! This past seasons have been very busy, at home and in the vineyard. Our second son Constantin arrived early January, just on time for the Epiphany - a popular day amongst gourmands where we eat the legendary galette in France - a good day to be born, in...

22 Aug

Another Type Of Wine : Régis’ Clairet

In the great family of Vicky's wines, you can find the Personal Collection. More confidential, it has two wines : the white beaujolais from château de Lavernette and the clairet of Régis Chaigne (Bordeaux region). Contrary to the better range of Vicky's wines, that gathers wines from my family and a selection with my community, I have chosen them for the very particular character of...