Fleurie 2010 chateau des moriers

Fleurie 2010 Chateau des Moriers, very much appreciated.



Burgundy never too far

An hour away is Pommard and my good friend L'Actu du Vin, Marthe Henry


Bien boire en beaujolais 2017

Students coming to taste at our booth


haut de la brirette

At the top of the Brirette, where we make the new special cuvee, down the hill is the house

Vicky's adventures

Bien Boire en Beaujolais, edition 2017 !

15 May

Bien Boire en Beaujolais, edition 2017 !

Time goes by and I've not been writing to you for a while. Guess what, I'm back! This past seasons have been very busy, at home and in the vineyard. Our second son Constantin arrived early January, just on time for the Epiphany - a popular day amongst gourmands where we eat the legendary galette in France - a good day to be born, in...

22 Aug

Another Type Of Wine : Régis’ Clairet

In the great family of Vicky's wines, you can find the Personal Collection. More confidential, it has two wines : the white beaujolais from château de Lavernette and the clairet of Régis Chaigne (Bordeaux region). Contrary to the better range of Vicky's wines, that gathers wines from my family and a selection with my community, I have chosen them for the very particular character of...