Vicky's adventures


22 Aug

Another Type Of Wine : Régis’ Clairet

In the great family of Vicky's wines, you can find the Personal Collection. More confidential, it has two wines : the white beaujolais from château de Lavernette and the clairet of Régis Chaigne (Bordeaux region). Contrary to the better range of Vicky's wines, that gathers wines from my family and a selection with my community, I have chosen them for the very particular character of...

03 Feb

What’s inside – The Guardian about Vicky’s Fleurie

Vicky's Fleurie was selected amongst the 3 wines of the week by David Williams in The Guardian, it was late November 2015 and I am telling you all about it today.  The year 2016 starts fast, the fog reminds us, at least when we drive, that we should not forget to set the "slow life" mode. It's very soon the time to print vicky's rosé...

18 Nov

Vicky’s Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in Paris #TousAuBistrot

Beaujolais Nouveau arrives just on time to help us go out. Generally coming right when the weather gets colder, it is calling the Christmas tree. It imposes itself  to you in the street just when you are thinking of keeping warm inside and watch TV. This year, when we are still shivering with salty eyes, it's coming back again. Since more than 60 years and...

21 Oct

Vicky in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is 2 hours away from Paris, by train. Really easy if you want to check out their green hills planted in vines. There you find a few good producers, making dry wines or sparkling. You could try Cox, his dry riesling is perfect as an aperitif. After a first trip surrounded by bubbles and wide spaces, I came back for two days in the...

13 Aug

Harvest 2015 soon in Beaujolais!

Grappes are changing color fast in Beaujolais. Vines are pretty but start to suffer from the heat. We shall have half the quantity normally expected, so the 2015 vintage will be a rare. If you had to compare it to another year, it would be 2003: grappes are small with a concentrate juice. Les grappes changent de couleur à toute allure en Beaujolais. The weather...

16 Jul

Decanter ‘highly recommends’ Vicky’s Fleurie

Tasting 158 samples of 2013 Beaujolais crus, the British wine magazine Decanter underlined the quality, consistency, elegance and delicacy of the wines. They didn't miss any positive adjectives to describe Beaujolais wines. Often claimed to be the food-friendliness as well as drink on its own perfect style, they are also low alcohol and generous which makes them your best companion for the summer. If Beaujolais...