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Can And Bottles : The New Fleuries Drawn By Fabienne Germain

05 Nov

Can And Bottles : The New Fleuries Drawn By Fabienne Germain

It's possible you have heard of my two new wine releases Fleurs des Champs et Ô Joie : two juicy wines, crunchy and full of red berries. They come from our family vineyard in Fleurie: Chateau des Moriers. To rig out this beautiful words, we had to find a 3D poet. I was lucky to meet Fabienne Germain a few years ago at a trade event...

02 Nov

Fleurs des Champs : box office hit with

A lot has happened since the exhibition Wine Paris has closed its doors last February 2020. It was probably the last wine professional meeting of its size in the year, the occasion to cross the path of Justin from  In fact, the world shut down just when I was going to launch my two new Fleurie wines: O JOIE et FLEURS DES  CHAMPS. A...

18 Nov

Vicky’s Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in Paris #TousAuBistrot

Beaujolais Nouveau arrives just on time to help us go out. Generally coming right when the weather gets colder, it is calling the Christmas tree. It imposes itself  to you in the street just when you are thinking of keeping warm inside and watch TV. This year, when we are still shivering with salty eyes, it's coming back again. Since more than 60 years and...

16 Jul

Decanter ‘highly recommends’ Vicky’s Fleurie

Tasting 158 samples of 2013 Beaujolais crus, the British wine magazine Decanter underlined the quality, consistency, elegance and delicacy of the wines. They didn't miss any positive adjectives to describe Beaujolais wines. Often claimed to be the food-friendliness as well as drink on its own perfect style, they are also low alcohol and generous which makes them your best companion for the summer. If Beaujolais...

03 Jul

Vicky’s Wines Reach Ireland With @CuriousWines

Vicky's wines have arrived in Ireland (get them HERE) and that's a very happy news :). Why? Because more people get to drink my wines, because I love Ireland and because Paul and his team look fun and serious from where I am, on the other tiny side of the Atlantic. This is not a big surprise for when you go to Curious Wines website, first...

08 Feb

The Bar à Iode just opened in #Paris with Vicky’s Macon #SeaWorld #vinsdeVicky

My best agent just informed me that Vicky’s Macon was on the wine list at « Bar à Iode » in Paris. He sends me a picture that really makes you want to go there. Deal, I’m there.  Bar à Iode 34 BD St Germain, 75005 Paris Le Bar à Iode sur Facebook But what is the Bar à Iode ? A place dedicated to the sea...