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New look for the Beaujolais-Villages

Vicky’s Beaujolais Villages is changing look! My sister Laure Monrozier was in charge of the modeling.  It’s been 10 years now that she Helps me designing my brand. A teamwork that led to a new wine label for this vintage.

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The history of the wine label : Silhouette and a duck.

Wine labels always had my silhouette on them, it was a choice sometimes difficult to assume. But it certainly helped make the brand recognized from afar. The silhouette comes from my blog miss Vicky Wine born in 2009, it had been chosen to illustrate the media and came from a picture taken at the European wine bloggers conference in Lisbon. I was often wearing a dress with some pink on it, easily spotted in the assembly.

If you have been following my adventures for a long time now you should also have noticed the duck. Yellow with a dashing pink swim hat. It came from my sister for my birthday, maybe it made her think of me? I shared a picture of the duck and then another and it soon became the VIP guest of all my Vicky Wine Tastings, even inviting itself on my labels. A duck, it’s perfect as a symbol of conviviality: It’s very talkative and hangs around with all its friends. Always in a good mood, it couacs around without any trouble ever.

Maybe it is to represent all those selfie’s of the duck? maybe it’s to make it disappear? Here it is as the hero of the label, with the most convivial of all wines: the Beaujolais-Villages. It’s the perfect friendly wine fruity, easy, with a good grip so that you can also have some food with it. It is your wine for the summer time! 

Laure monrozier pour Vicky Wine


I have been working for 10 years now with Christophe Paris to elaborate this wine. You can’t trust him to have wines that year after year are congruente in style, purs, well made, gourmand and structured. It’s a real pleasure to blend all the different lots until we reach the perfect balance.

My sister Laure, after a career in wine, has decided to make her passion her life. She has left everything (but the city of London) to go to Goldsmiths university of London. Arena on the contemporary arts school where she imagines installations, astonishing and reflexive around gender. A way to shaken up  our way to think of relationships. You can find her at @le_Rozier  or on her website

Quelques souvenirs de dégustation. Les Vicky Wine Tastings

Quelques souvenirs de dégustation. Les Vicky Wine Tastings


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