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Harvest Pronostic & Building Team 2014 #Beaujolais #Fleurie

The sun is usually a good sign in vineyards, helping grapes to grow healthy and tasty. In terms of ennemies of the vine, we usually talk about hail but in reality, sunshine can be a real harm. This July, the sun has been moody, up and down, letting the rain join the party. But a few days of intense heat were enough to grill a few grapes that suddenly changed into raisins.

The harvest still looks healthy and the vintage is expected to be good. Just, dried grapes will have to be sorted out if they don’t fall off before the 10th of September, also we may have a bit less juice than we first thought.

It’s now time to hire the team of grape pickers!

Harvest should start around the 10th of September for about 8 days. Grape pickers are welcomed home for a week, they will sleep in dorms of about 10 and in a few rooms. I’m responsible for their happy time in the vineyard and I hope they will like our cooking. We are looking for resistant grape pickers with a strong back and a good eye. We also like diversity in the team so you won’t be able to join with 10 friends. 

  • We have a preference for joyful, rigorous and resistant workers that would like to know more about Beaujolais and meet new people. Resistant means that you are able to work 8 hours a day with possibilities of rain and heavy sun lights. That you won’t give up when your back starts hurting, because it will. That when you lack sleep after a short night, you can still wake up on time. That you are able to eat French food morning, day and night. 
  • Clumsy personalities should be very careful with their hands. We like you to keep the same amount of fingers when you leave as when you arrived the first day.
  • You will share meals with us, Beaujolais has a highly pork oriented food diet, vegetarian may have a hard time in our kitchen. 

If you would like to join our team, please fill in the form you will find in this link. We will inform you later on about the exact dates, rate and will confirm if we are able to take you on.  

Enjoy the summer!

Vicky & family

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  • Check out past years harvests in videos :

la verraison fleurie beaujolais gamay

10346274_757877184276478_1358884034627603502_n chateau des moriers vu d'en haut
 And yet summer goes on, greetings from Fleurie!

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