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Harvest 2014 in Beaujolais : a beautiful year!

With a cheerful sunshine, in the middle of some beautiful Gamay grapes, a breath of happiness came to us in Beaujolais at chateau des Moriers, and almost anywhere else. Hoora !

My cousin Quentin Harel is already delected by the fruit that will explose in a few weeks in the Beaujolais Nouveau & Beaujolais-Villages, it’s him that is taking over the vineyard after my uncle Thierry and it had been 2 years he hadn’t seen such a millesime.

At Richard Rottiers in Moulin-à-vent, the quantity is not so high but quality is there with very balanced juices, wines should be ready before the 2013 and old vines gave birth to little treasures… pleasure seen in the future! As we say at legendary chateau Thivin and everywhere amongst the hills : we are rather surprised by the quality and this superb late summer season saved us.

At our family vineyard, 30 pickers arrived the 10th of September : French, Italian, British, German, Portuguese, Syrian, Australian, Spanish, Slovaks, Japanese : a mixed group that bent backwards and enjoyed our garden and landscapes. In the kitchen by my side, Darren (Borough Wines, London) and Olivia from Australia. Fusion food in our plates enriched the familial recipe from my late Grandma.

For the first time this year we had a machine to destalk a few bunches of grapes so that the green part of them was less important in the tanks. It should gives rounder wines, and it also allows us to do longer extraction without getting too much sourness. Full grapes and destalked grapes were put in successive layers to allow the carbonic maceration. A part will then go in 400L barrels. Result is promising… to be followed! 

Our grape pickers are our most faithful ambassadors, here is what they say from Beaujolais :

“Beautiful green countryside, amazing people, wine and food.” Olivia (Australia)


“ A nice light red wine.” (Paul, UK)


“Le beaujolais pour moi c’est avant tout la marque du vin. D’origine togolaise, ce vin est l’un des plus connus dans mon pays” (Midodji, Togo)


“Pas seulement du nouveau ! De bons crus dont je fais la pub dès que je m’éloigne de Lyon !” (Nina, France)


“beautiful landscape and tasty wine” (Anna, Allemagne)


“Cherry, juicy, succulent and fun! A real wine for people who like wine, not for snobs!” (Ben, UK)


“It seems to me like this is a place where you work long and hard, but also enjoy the outcome of the hard work! ” (Kristina, Finland)


“A beautiful red wine made from the gamay grape.” (Emma, UK)


“A lot of work but in friendly atmosphere, with friends, a lot of good food and a bit of wine. its a bit like holidays than too.” (Lukaz, Pologne)


“Du vin, dont les raisins doivent etre délicatement ramassé en gardant son rang et en maintenant une cadence de ramassage suffisante pour economiser le “Jarlot” (Jseoph, France) “a light, yet sharp, very tasty red wine :) ” (Joshua, Belgium)


” Le paysage me rappelle la Toscane avec ses grandes maisons de campagne entourées par les vignes. ” (Agnese, Italie)

porte du vignoble

La porte du vignoble au Chateau des Moriers
gamay fleurie

Quelques semaines avant la vendange, Chateau des Moriers, vue sur la maison

moriers fleurie

Break hour


gamay paradise


Vue sur le moulin à vient

saucisson gène fleurie

Saucisson au gène et Fleurie, our favorite!

destalking gamay

égrappage de quelques caisses

last day party tasting

Merci à tous !

Darren et Peter

Nos experts ;)


Eclipse de seau

  vendanges fleurie

mouthful of grapes

Santé !

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