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Harpers Global Design Awards (Wine Range, Bronze)

I entered the Harpers Global Design Awards in 2014, a time where I was just about to rethink my design and pump it up with new ideas. I am not entering many competitions. Time is the main reason. And if one can always find time when needed, I like to do things well and get a chance to win. For once, I’ve decided that even if Vicky’s wines brand had a lot to work on, it was worse the go.

I was going to be in competition with the new world, big brands with a massive design and marketing budget, I was a bit tense. And finally I’ve made it to the bronze in the wine range category, a deserved position as there is still so much to be improved. But, I’ve made it!

Working on the entry was a superb opportunity to go back on what had happened in the past 5 years. Starting with my Dad’s vineyards in Fleurie, a rubber duck a pink tee-shirt and a blog. The Miss Vicky Wine world was born and the brand has now 7 wines, accessories and more to come.

Modern wine labels are becoming more regular even on French shelves, so it wasn’t going to make the difference anymore. What’s making a great difference and gets me going on in the story. The duck, the silhouette, the wines, everything has a reason to be, is anchored in the real world and helped me trigger curiosity, be recognized.

People and conversation on social media made the brand with me: you that read me for a while, you that share my wines online, my friends in the industry and in the graphic design world. There is also my family that still helps me with the first drafts and every day sales.Thank you.

Making the brand a big journey or changing my big journey into the brand is rewarding everyday. Keeping it cool and being cool drinking one

And a special thank you to the Smiling Grape Wine Marchand in Cambridgeshire, England, encouraging me to enter, supporting me everyday and being the most fantastic brand ambassador. You can buy my wines online on his website too :)

All results on the Harper’s website

Judge are in the wine, press and graphic industries – read what they say, it was a real insight for me before I applied
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