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Save the Wines of France! A good Reason to Stand Nude in a Vineyard

Last Saturday Spencer Tunick and Greenpeace worked together on an art installation to raise awarness on the climate change.

Art and awarness have always been going well together and are usually great sources of inspiration. This time the Vineyards of France were the focus, and not because of their beauty. Unlucky enough to suffer the climate change troubling effect as well as the economic crisis and the sulkiness of the world wide young drinkers, they have been lucky enough to host a crowd of nude wine lovers invaders.

Spencer Tunick – Nude in a Burgundy Vineyard near Macon – Central Eastern France

Well, as noble as the climate change cause sounds, I am not going to dissert on this matter and will leave the climate pro on their duty.The climate’s whims have many other effects whom measurement have been highly contested. Some vineyards have already registered high climate changes hundreds years ago and the capacity of human to have an impact on this matter is yet to be proved.

Concerned about conserving the French wine cultural heritage, I am though. And finally putting nudes in the vines is probably where they fit the best. I have seen many dirty erotic calendars with young lady in the grapes, in the vines, on the tractor and in any places immaginable. Vulgarity doesn’t fit with wine and those were very saddening.

Thanks to Emma for this beautiful picture

Grapes is a very sensual fruit and using the vocabulary of my friend Emma, harvesting grapes by hand is not only blood sweat tears deep tissue bruising lacerations delirium and other wordly pleasures, it is also very sensual and puts you in a love and solidarity mood. Alienated to your line you have the feeling of freedom and can carry out your thoughts. Under the climate tantrum or the sun heat, it is one team, one harvest, one wine.

And watching all those nudes in the vines just made it clear.

Merci Spencer!

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