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We are on recession…Have a glass!

I was reading this morning that today, France officially entered the recession. What a surprise! While many are complaining about the never ending crisis, wine sales are growing and so is the length of our aperitifs…

Days and wallets are lightening making public gardens and terraces more and more appealing. Restaurants meals are left down but if you walk on the Champ de Mars ( personal garden of Miss Eiffel) on a warm evening, you’ll hear the clings of wine glasses, see opened bottles everywhere and youngsters laying down on the grass as if the city around them was only green fields.

This could almost make us forget that the wine industry is not doing good. In terms of volumes, the curve is going up but it seems like low cost wine is being the king of the apero which make th e aperitif much bitterer for premium wine makers and retailers. This is not a fatality.

I think there is still hope for our potion to be recession proof. As would say my father, we don’t sell wine, we sell the history, the poetry and dreams behind it. Isn’t it why we all love it? Seeing it that way, it won’t take time before the good wine producers find a way to keep the dream alive. I also think that evening up prices is not a bad thing. Some wines are ridiculously expensive or dreadfully cheap. Of course the wine making process can be a good reason to pay a few pounds more as well as recognition and classification, but let’s not be fooled: the brand name is not what makes it all. Some wines have a hidden value and worth much more than the 5 pounds you have put into it, and this is a factor that the recession unfortunately heightens up as anxious wine makers try to survive by selling at the saddest prices. This is nonetheless a good period for small wine producers – that never got a chance to be recognised as they deserved – to find their way in the dark. Don’t be snobby, be precursor of your time and find the good cheap wine that soon will become big.

My advice: Buy your wine in small authentic wine shops; they always have good bargains, sometimes even their own brand bottle. An expert will be lead you to what you like for what you can afford and if you are faithful, they’ll help you and like you more each time. In return, you’ll be able to know the quality of the making process and overall to discover what your personal paradise tastes like. So if you find a wine you like, stick to it and drink confidently. I know it… You’ll be fine!

My favourite places to buy wine

Happy and passionate staff, amazing location and fantastic wines at all prices:

London – Borough Wines @ Borough Market. Outdoor shop at the heart of the legendary Borough Market by the Tames river. Open Thursday to Saturday. Tube station: London Bridge.

Paris @ Crus Authentic cave with a charming atmosphere (believe it or not, they can also speak English!). Metro station: Châtelet (Exit Place Saint Opportune).

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