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In the Jungle, Follow your instinct… and you’ll drink safe!

I was going to go to the « Salon de la revue du vin de France » (French Wine Review Fair) organised at the former stock exchange when my team mate called late because he felt asleep in his BATH
– due to a terrible hangover – with the tickets on his night table (Excuse half accepted). I got terribly disappointed and realised that I was really looking forward to this exhibition.
So I decided to go alone on this little mission, and so I went and was instantaneously dazzled.
The crowd looked gorgeous and I had to admit that Parisians have style. Maybe it was the majesty of the place or the smell of happiness, but the second I crossed the door my eyes got sparkly just like when you look at things bigger and more beautiful than yourself. I also felt incredibly little and strangely at ease; it was just the same feeling a princess must have when entering a palace for the first time.
In such a jungle, Where to start? My father makes wine and as a result I drink his wine… which leaves me with hundred of unknown references, almost as exotic the one from the other. Whenever this happens to you, follow your intuition and use your eyes, catch a smile or a colour you like: wine is like a person, first to be looked then to be smelled and after to be tasted… or not. The important to me, is the relationship you built with the one you choose. I was looking for passion, passion was everywhere. I was looking for beauty and style, this could have been paradise. Starting with the most famous Bordeaux, I then went for the teasing bubbles of a few Champagne to end with the white and red Burgundies and come back to Bordeaux. Whites then reds or reds then whites? That is the never ending question. In France we learn that Blanc sur rouge plus rien ne bouge, Rouge sur blanc tout fout le camp!, which means that you’d better start with red if you don’t want a massive headhache the day after. Well, probably right, if you swallow! But if I were you, I would just follow the tips of my perfectly anti-conformist team mate (that finally arrived, fully washed): Start with the reds and then rinse your mouth with a bit of white then if you feel like red again, don’t feel guilty –treat yourself right! Of course each rules has its exceptions that we’ll have all the time to explore later but as a beginner, following the general rule will never be a mistake… specially if you don’t gulp up… EVERYTHING.
My advice: During a wine tasting, don’t leave the rosé on the side and allow yourself a small Champagne treat once in a while. Those two may each be – in your mind – on opposite sides of a quality scale but for now remember they are also both refreshing and will leave your mouth ready for a new full body red vintage.

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