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Vintage 2019 in Fleurie : family

We could be singing French love songs in the vineyard, to talk about the frivolous relationship between the grape pickers and their fellow grapes friend. But, many of the team members are faithful and come back every year to continue writing the vineyard story, plus they don’t speak French! 

chateau des moriers 2019  casse-croute

Harvests come in series that don’t resemble each other. Even if, they are events that occur every year like the Italian who bring life to the fields with their vivid language, big lunch feasts, full glasses, sour backs, scratched fingers and smiles of relief when coffee or wine call the break. Some years the weather is bad, some other years we have a yoga teacher for evening trainings. Some years are harder, some smoother.

2019 – For us this was an occasion to get the family together at work. Brother, sister, and cousins. This year for the first time, my sister and her friend, were in the tank room, seconding my father. My brother and his friend were by the cooker, preparing meals for all : France, Italy, India, Greece, Asia… not to forget the eternal saucisson lyonnais cooked in the remainings from the grapes press. I was here and there, but also with the children, that could not miss a sunrise on the top of the famous Moulin-à-vent.

2019 – Sunshine on the agenda and harvest in September, gave birth to perfectly ripe grapes, with soft skins. In the fields, the summer heat wave could be felt, with some fresh early mornings reminding us of the autumn coming. In the cellar, yields are reasonably low, but that’s okay, as long as they are of quality. All went smooth, with joy. We finished pressing today, the winemaker can have a rest before opening the Excel sheets and go back down to the cellar.

When looking up at the Mont Blanc afar, we sometimes say : “La vie est belle !”

chateau des moriers 2019 millesime gourmand chateau des moriers 2019  jarlot chateau des moriers 2019  devant le moulin chateau des moriers 2019  casse-croute la troupe au départ chateau des moriers 2019  photo cléophée demoustier chateau des moriers 2019  Laure chateau des moriers 2019 Gilles chateau des moriers 2019  enfants dans le gamay chateau des moriers 2019 saucisson au gene


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