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Wine and Men – “Cuvée Stanislas”, Champagne Thienot: An Elegant Man, a Sophisticated Wine.

I’ve noticed it lately, wine makers like to give a first name to their favorite Vintage. Usually not a random name but one that has a strong meaning to the one that made the wine. Charged in memories, history, affection and emotion.

Wine and Human kind have this in common that they are alive: vibrant or fade, charming or ugly, spicy or sweet, moody or stable, they stink or will have a delightful smell, they itch or are made of softness, will have some fat, body, dryness or be rather skinny and fresh.

Sometimes they combine those features in original and unique ways to reach the magic potion that could make you shiver. Sometimes they are more banal, and will disappear without anyone noticing.

Some wines pleases some and displeases some others. A wine has personality, a wine was born, lives and dies, it has its best period and harder ones.

If wine is the miror of a man then Stanislas must be a great man.

Lancement de la Cuvée Stanislas à Paris - Loft Greneta

In Champagne, Alain Thienot‘s house is one of those that see emotions, greatness and personality in a wine. This Champagne, Blanc de Blancs, comes after a blanc de Rouges that was made after Stanislas’ sister, the pretty Garance.This year it is after the eldest brother, Stanislas that the new born of the Champagne Thienot has  been named after. Stanislas is the brand ambassador, at 33 years old he is the one that is soon to be the one leading the youngest of all Great Champagne Houses.

The Cuvée Stanislas, Vintage 2004, has a very delicate bubble that will wake you up softly – refined. A nose of fresh bread and a milky mouth, a delicate honey touch. I am very hard on Champagne and prefer those with vinous characteristics. But this cuvée Stanislas has a seducing soft touch that makes it another I will drink with pleasure. No stomach heach, no headache, perfect balance of acidity : charm and delicatecy. Now let’s just wish it will age well, for us to have more pleasure at each bottle we’ll open.

To drink at any time of the day, perfect from breakfast.

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