Vicky's adventures


12 Apr

Vicky Sunny Tour

Spring arrived and with it all the wine parade, Prowein, primeurs in Bordeaux and maybe less know yet Bien Boire en Beaujolais and the Salon des Vins du Soir (Brussels). The season will end with the sunniest of them all, Vinexpo. Vicky's wines are not yet in Germany and it is last minute that my Dad and I joined the Beaujolais booth at Prowein (15-16-17th...

24 Mar

#Recipe: Mushroom Tartine and Old Beaujolais Cru

I often have mushrooms tartines for breakfast, light and tasty. Today for lunch I thought that my first vintage - this Fleurie 2007 - would go perfectly with it. That's because when it ages, the wild forest aromas tend to appear in the wine. Even if the compote fruits were predominant, I could feel mushrooms in the background. For this reason, an old red Bordeaux,...

24 Feb

#Recipe – Cauliflower soup and Vicky’s Beaujolais

I can't say I am a cauliflower addict. In France, my grand mother would cook it with bechamel and cheese, grated in the oven. It sound good? Even this wouldn't do. You could get me in with raw cauliflower and mayonnaise, eventually... until I've met with, the cauliflower soup! I was at an Hospices de Beaune lunch when the waitress asked me if I wanted...

21 Jan

Harpers Global Design Awards (Wine Range, Bronze)

I entered the Harpers Global Design Awards in 2014, a time where I was just about to rethink my design and pump it up with new ideas. I am not entering many competitions. Time is the main reason. And if one can always find time when needed, I like to do things well and get a chance to win. For once, I've decided that even if...

24 Dec

Merry Christmas! Can you tell the 7 differences between my 2 holiday cards?

Merry Christmas, happy moods et good Beaujolais to you all for this last days of the year :)  Here is my pretty pine tree, but it seems like a few differences have sneak in the pictures, can you tell what they are?

19 Dec

A new dress for Vicky’s Beaujolais Nouveau

Maybe you remember this? 2 months ago I was asking you to vote for your favorite label of Beaujolais Nouveau. You had chosen a raspberry back color with a floral motif, lighter and very pretty. As always on the label, the silhouette that is a reminder of my first blog design. Strangly enough, the wine label were sent to me before preparing the order, without the...