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Vicky’s wines at Sirha

01 Mar

Vicky’s wines at Sirha

Vicky's Fleurie and wines from château des Moriers had the honor to meet great chefs at the Sirha exhibition. It's all thanks to the sommelier Monia Aoudi and the chef Vivien Durand from Le Prince Noir restaurant at Lormont. Vivien Durand was the Lavazza ambassador at Sirha and made the show happen with a couple of other chefs. Sirha gathers more than 300 000 visitors from the Food Service for encounters...

06 Dec

Vicky’s wines arrived in Belgium!

All things come to he who waits. Unfortunately, I am not the patient type : Belgium, I wanted to have it and well, I had to wait. First it came slowly, it was welcoming, funny, it gave me a shoulder to rest when I needed. It looked at me too, it did let me go, come back and maybe it thought I would be tired of...

22 Nov

A Big Thank You to You ! #BeaujolaisNouveau #VinsdeVicky

Yes, you are great! Yesterday, even though it was cold and a bit wet : smiles,sweet words, and many friends, this Beaujolais Nouveau was just like Christmas! Thank you and have a great week-end with Beaujolais! Vicky All your pictures on Pinterest : Follow Miss Vicky Wine Les Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 de Vicky #vinsdeVicky on Pinterest

10 Nov

#DWCC – Rioja, a bit more sunshine in our lives

Traveling every week for the sake of wines, vicky's wines and much more, I took my ticket to the Digital Wine Communication Conference #DWCC that was taking place in Rioja last month. Arriving by car was a treat, the sky was low and dark giving the landscapes a poetic note.   Rioja wines are told to be a wood juice as we happen to say...

27 Sep brings Fleurie to Switzerland is a cool wine box "made in Switzerland", that was born last summer. Yet another box you'd say ? Not really when you know Frédéric and Timothée that started the project. This one box is unique, falsely wise, the team has chosen Vicky's Fleurie to celebrate this new school year version "New Wave"! Rock with a chic twist, Frédéric, Timothée and their team have a...