Vicky's adventures


16 Dec

Christmas Before Christmas At Chateau Des Moriers #Fleurie #MasterOIV

One day I've met someone that had done the Master OIV, a very special training that leads you to visit about 26 wine countries in a year. If you have a family and a job, you have to organize. For the rest, you must make sure your stomach is sharp and that your brain is ready for an adventure. You must also be insured that...

06 Dec

Vicky’s wines arrived in Belgium!

All things come to he who waits. Unfortunately, I am not the patient type : Belgium, I wanted to have it and well, I had to wait. First it came slowly, it was welcoming, funny, it gave me a shoulder to rest when I needed. It looked at me too, it did let me go, come back and maybe it thought I would be tired of...

22 Nov

A Big Thank You to You ! #BeaujolaisNouveau #VinsdeVicky

Yes, you are great! Yesterday, even though it was cold and a bit wet : smiles,sweet words, and many friends, this Beaujolais Nouveau was just like Christmas! Thank you and have a great week-end with Beaujolais! Vicky All your pictures on Pinterest : Follow Miss Vicky Wine Les Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 de Vicky #vinsdeVicky on Pinterest

13 Nov

Fleurie at V and B wineshops in France

That's it! My Fleurie wine is taking a tour in the West of France at V and B wineshop (V like Vin et B like Bière). It's been 12 years now that the chain proposes a selection of wines and beers from all over France, you can also taste them at the bar on the spot. This month, they welcomed Vicky's wines ! If you'd like to try...

10 Nov

#DWCC – Rioja, a bit more sunshine in our lives

Traveling every week for the sake of wines, vicky's wines and much more, I took my ticket to the Digital Wine Communication Conference #DWCC that was taking place in Rioja last month. Arriving by car was a treat, the sky was low and dark giving the landscapes a poetic note.   Rioja wines are told to be a wood juice as we happen to say...

24 Oct

The Harvest 2013 on a beautiful morning of automn at chateau de Moriers #vinsdeVicky

Harvest 2013 were expected a few weeks more than usual at chateau des Moriers, in my family, north of Beaujolais (Fleurie). Autumn arrived and grapes started singing. A warm morning, the 30th of September, a group of 25 grape pickers from 10 different nationalities arrived for a week of gymnastic in between the small vine trees (1m20). We were getting used to early harvest, but...