Vicky's adventures


21 May

Vicky’s Wines Celebrate Spring With Pinterest

It was last minute that I was asked to be part of the Spring Party by Pinterest in Paris, an honor and one of the first party the social network organized in France. Amongst flowers, pink dresses and funky food representing some Pinterest boards in a very realistic way, fashionistas gathered to enjoy an early sunny evening. Vicky’s wines on the top! Congrats to the...

15 May

But where do I live?

Just for you that is asking me where I come from and overall, where I live. After a few days in Brussels, people think I am moving to Belgium. I even ask myself if I’m not actually moving to Belgium. Strange. What it is really, is that every time someone asks me where I live I have to take a deep breath, people’s idea of...

29 Apr

Dance! Cru Festival 2014 in Moulin à Vent #Beaujolais

Moulin-à-vent, the lord of all Beaujolais crus, was hosting the Crus Festival this week-end. A very important event for the locals that see a thousand visitors coming from all sights. It's also a good time for winemakers to catch up, kids are running everywhere, joy, good vibes and gamay! The small hamlet "Les Thorins" was the heart of the celebration. The 10 crus all had...

03 Apr

Break in Snow World #switzerland #Lavaux

That is for sure, I travel a lot, which makes me as much social as anti-social because your friends never know how to reach you and you never see them for a long time. It's also as much exciting as it can be tiring, to never sleep twice in the same comfy bed. So I needed a break. Switzerland mountains are certainly my favorite to...

10 Mar

Old Beaujolais visited Bruxelles

It’s not every day that old beaujolais go out of their cellar. They are fragile, rare and as all old wines, a bit moody. We know them young vibrant of fruit but there is much more than the baby to the Beaujolais Family. This day at the France-Vins exhibition, from the 2004 to the 2012, they were all under the Belgian lights. The eldest was only...

08 Feb

The Bar à Iode just opened in #Paris with Vicky’s Macon #SeaWorld #vinsdeVicky

My best agent just informed me that Vicky’s Macon was on the wine list at « Bar à Iode » in Paris. He sends me a picture that really makes you want to go there. Deal, I’m there.  Bar à Iode 34 BD St Germain, 75005 Paris Le Bar à Iode sur Facebook But what is the Bar à Iode ? A place dedicated to the sea...