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#Harvest2018, Chateau de Moriers Fleurie in the sunshine

At château des Moriers

For Vicky’s Fleurie 2018, the vintage should be legendary. Because the harvest was exceptional but also because it follows two years with low yield (we had frost and hail in 2016, hail again in 2017). Spring was humid allowing sufficient water reserve to prepare to the grand summer we had. Great for grapes and for swimming, not so amazing for our green lawns that quickly turned to straw.

Gilles, mon père, vigneron avec mes deux enfants.

Gilles, mon père le vigneron, co-propriétaire du chateau des Moriers, avec mes deux garçons.

Harvests are always forward for gamay grapes because they ripen fasten than other varieties. It’s not rare for us to start picking in August (vintages 2017, 2015, 2011, 2009). The team of harvesters started at the end of the month without a rain drop. We had a majority of Italian at work, luckily used to heat. Joyfully and thoroughly, grapes felt in eight days. Bunches ripen but with surprising balances (low acidity, high sugar), enough to disconcert the winemakers !
In the cellar
Thanks to long maceration, the color is deep. We have put full bunches and destalked ones in layers to have finer tannins while keeping the traditional beaujolais semi-carbonique maceration. Wines should be velvety and gourmands, structured and concentrated. To be followed this autumn!
Party time
First wines will be released the 15th of November for the big party of Beaujolais Nouveau, the occasion for us to try out the vintage, like a kind of foretaste for the great wines to come.
Michel et Manfredi Gamay devant le Chateau Mangeur de raisin



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