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Cheers To Charles – Milk & Grape Juice in the Box!

There is a new member in the Vicky family! Our son Charles was born late May 2015. He is a little man growing fast thanks to the super milk of his mummy living on grape juice and occasionally, some nice Fleurie, Beaujolais, Macon, Pauillac, Douro wines, Sauternes, Provence, English sparkling or Champagne…

cheers to charles

As a real tiny wine kid, he has already seen a dozen of chateaus and vineyards and have been to the Vinexpo parties. Just like his parents, he travels cool, with few luggages and a perfectly relax mood, eventually pausing for a picture or a pint of milk.

Soon, Charles will be able to wear the “I’m Cool I drink Wine” tee-shirt I’ve kept for him on the side. But just now, he is cool with milk.

To announce his birth, we have released the Grape Juice by Miss Vicky & Mister Seely (Charles’ dad, wine star). This first edition comes from Beaujolais, it’s a pur gamay gourmandise with no sulfite and plenty of sugar. Kids & mums love it! And hum, My friends especially reserve it for cocktails.

The pregnancy tee-shirts as well as the milky outfits are now available on my shop for all the family! If you didn’t get the chance to try the grape juice, it’s also available by the bottle.

Cheers to Charles!

Find the tee-shirt and grape juice HERE.

DSC03765 bisous grapejuice body rose et body vert bavoirs roses et vert IMG_4193




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