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Bien Boire en Beaujolais Edition 2015

Spring goes by so fast – the high point mid-April was Bien Boire en Beaujolais (Drink Well in Beaujolais) the 4th edition of an event that gathers all the wine styles of the region. The day first starts with the legendary casse-croute made of saucisson, strong cheese, ham and wine followed by the group picture that no one can miss.  In a second,  Matthieu Lapierre, Louis-Benoît Desvignes and Jean-Gilles Chasselay ring the bell, visitors are arriving.

This year, they were near to 1500 visitors to come enjoy the Beaujolais sunshine at chateau de Pizay. A day where local art and wine came together paused by a hot slice of saucisson. Organic, traditionnal and natural winemakers – mixed in the three groups Beaujol’Art, Biojolaise and Beaujoloise welcomed this year another team of winemakers – Beaujol’all wines for a bigger and better edition.

Bien Boire en Beaujolais- Good People join the fun! #bbbeaujolais

Posted by Miss Vicky Wine on vendredi 17 avril 2015

I was behind my stand where I’ve met with visitors from previous years and new ones coming form as close as Lyon and as far as China or America. A good surprise!

Also a good occasion, between 2 tastings, to see my cousin Quentin Harel at Biojoloise, showing his wines in front of Chateau de Lavernette that is doing his entry in the Vicky’s wines range – under The Personnal Collection and a brand new label. To be followed..

I also enjoyed this time to see the drawing of Delphine Chauvin and creations from the Hyper Cute collective including Ateepik, thanks to whom I can now clame that my tees are made in Beaujolais ;) .

“Quality and Excellence pair well with authenticity and conviviality … The proof with B.B.B. !”

We have heard that the organizers are already planning the next edition in 2016… See you then!

More Info : Louis-Benoît Desvignes, président de l’Association Bien Boire en Beaujolais : [email protected]


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