"Bordeaux Rosé : épisode 3"

Bordeaux Rosé, Third Episod

For its third year, the Bordeaux & Bordeaux Superieur bureau has launched a new video featuring consumers and winemakers in a joyful clip around Bordeaux city, the vineyards and legendary Arcachon beaches. Close to a Hollywood production, what I love about it is the real feel you can sens, the beautiful Bordeaux landscapes and the energy producer Luc Plissonneau has managed to give us in this 2:45 minutes juicy shots. The singer that appears in the introduction is a bit much, but that’s so Bordeaux Rosé to exaggerate from time to time.

Most importantly, the young man in his cellar you’ll see in the first minutes is Jonathan Ducourt, that also produces Vicky’s Bordeaux Rosé: I’m thrilled ;) . Bordeaux Rosé is a darker, more intense in color than, let’s say, the Provence. It’s also fresher with stronger red fruits notes making it the perfect drink for your summer afternoons.

The Bordeaux & Bordeaux Superieur bureau has been collaborating with students from all over France to generate new ideas… Another excuse to celebrate Bordeaux Rosé all over the country, from up there in Lille to up there in the Alps. This catchy video is a great summary of their spirit and mood ;) . Congrats and long life to Bordeaux Rosé ! 

Past 2 episods : 


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