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The Bar à Iode just opened in #Paris with Vicky’s Macon #SeaWorld #vinsdeVicky

My best agent just informed me that Vicky’s Macon was on the wine list at « Bar à Iode » in Paris. He sends me a picture that really makes you want to go there. Deal, I’m there. 

Bar à Iode
34 BD St Germain,
75005 Paris

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bulots crevette et macon au bar iode paris

But what is the Bar à Iode ? A place dedicated to the sea world, without any white tablecloth or fancy waiter. Wine on the table is at the shop price, and all is at a very reasonable price. You can also take away a bottle or some sea food for dinner.

addition au bar iode paris

How could you not know such a place then? The bar just opened, the 70 wines on the list will be there shortly, so will the cook from Bretagne, Yohann Kermannec that will make hot dishes every day.

While waiting, we are already feeling very comfortable at Bar à Iode. Here you come to enjoy some seashells and fishes, the light is agreeable, your friends’ voices are clear and there is no need to scream. It’s calm, soft, you feel just like home – if you had a home in Normandy, by Cabourg that would smell the sea and cool sand.

So I was just coming to enjoy a glass of Mâcon at the bar and meet Agent Alexis, when the bar got full. I’ve ordered some pink shrimps and whelks and suddenly smelt the fish soup, the man next to me ordered some anchovies that looked so good I couldn’t resist. Finally we decided to order a plate with a bit of everything and some incredible fried tiny fishes. I’ve also heard the rillettes where irresistible and that all that was coming through the door was alive. Finally, I almost tasted everything and will come back. Valentine’s choice are the oysters and I am sure some delicious pairings are to be announced… for my next visit.

petite friture et macon au bar iode paris au bar iode paris huitres au bar iode paris soupe de poission au bar iode paris au bar iode paris assiette mixte au bar iode paris

Who is the bar à Iode ? 

Valentine & Antoine. Valentine was doing financial audit, Antoine was a lawyer. What they really liked was eating seafood and they noticed with great despair that no place in Paris was all together authentic, simple, warm and at a fair price to enjoy their passion. Finally Valentine became a wineshop assistant and worked in a fish shop… to finally open with Antoine the bar à Iode that we are all glad for. Isn’t it nice to have an alternative to the famous Cheese and Charcuterie platter?

In the cellar ? 

Antoine is in charge of the wine selection that arrives soon. Most of the wines are white from Burgundy and the Loire valley but you also find a few reds and rosés. To be discovered downstairs.

Agent Alexis and friends

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