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Live the moment, it’s 2014!

Hello everyone,

I wish you all a great kick off  for the year 2014. The occasion to take a deep breath and realize that life can be short. Every minute of it is worth to be lived, fully. It is also the moment to organise for the new year, so for better minutes to come :) . I don’t know if you’ve managed to review the past 365 days, make it logical, find which road you’ve been taking, what direction you want to keep. I find it useful, sometimes scaring, very hard overall. Simply this, were you happy, when was this? Or more practical: How many bottles of wine did you buy? How many wines did you try? What did it change, after all?

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To you that wonder where I am and what are my numbers, this is what it is. This year,  I sold 12 000 bottles of Vicky’s wines in France and the world. That’s more than a case, that’s not enough to live. In 2014 I will organise to sell more wines. The rest of the time, I also helped wine professionals to meet each others and better understand our social media world. I have been in hundreds locations, met even more people, tried thousands of wines and launched two (Bordeaux Rosé & Bordeaux Clairet). I have also made the choice to stay living in Bordeaux, center of our wine world, where I have good friends and take clever advices.

From Bordeaux, I traveled to my family vineyard in Beaujolais and to Paris: a crazy triangle I escaped often from to show my wines abroad and visit vineyards. I was in London, New York, Brussels to talk about Vicky’s wines. Vicky’s wines were in Belgium and that was after a long way, it felt so warm! Thank you to all my new and old Belgian friends that helped me to get there. I’ve also discovered the beautiful vineyard of Lavaux (Switzerland), Luxembourg, Priorat (Spain) that blew my eyes… A year in landscapes and more than 1600 instagrams ;) .

In 2013, I lived the life. Just like you, I’ve been up and down and wished sometimes that the roller coaster could just stop at the top, forever. I understood that no matter how fast you run, things take time. Now if you stop walking, nothing happens. That said, it’s not because everyone runs around that you are not allowed to pause. In 2014, I’ll take more pauses.

Sometimes I want to be everywhere at the same time, sell my wine in every paradise. Some days I also want to disappear. I also realize that being everywhere can be being nowhere. We can’t manage to taste all the wines we would like to, we can’t catch up with old friends while making new ones. We can’t rest if we run, we can’t run if we rest, but we can live the moment, be where we are. Maybe if we do so, the moment will be more meaningful and better remembered, and when we’ll grow older, we’ll be able to live it again. This year, I’ll try to keep my feet in my shoes, I’ll live every minute, where I am.

Finally this year I want to be home but I’m not quite sure what home means, where home is. You never know on which wine corner to find me, beware! So I’ve been thinking about it, do we have to be somewhere? When I am everywhere and manage to live the moment, I feel I can be home anywhere, I trust the very special moments I spend are meaningful. They are stronger too, because they are rarer. I can get lost but I feel the magic when I knock at the right door. I am a flying nest. Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I miss you, I miss me, but I am one, doing all I can to live the best. I saw that the more you try to get close to your dreams the more successful you can be to reach them. In 2014, I’ll follow my dreams.

This year, I hope to see you on the wine road and share a glass of humanity. Or you can visit me at my main nest, Château des Moriers in Fleurie, Beaujolais.

To the man that will share my life and my nest, to my friends and family: if I’m not home, I’m with you, if I’m not with you, I think about you and I always, can’t wait to see you. Put the wine in the fridge!

2014 is another year for wine, friends, travel, choices, pleasures and down turns, jump on board and welcome on my roller coaster!

Bonne année !

#1 Take it easy

#2 Look up

#3 Keep your child eyes

#4 Eat Well

#5 Take a deep breath and find some time to escape

#6 Get in Shape, be sport on the wine road!

See you soon!
Bonne Année !


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