Vicky's adventures brings Fleurie to Switzerland is a cool wine box “made in Switzerland”, that was born last summer. Yet another box you’d say ? Not really when you know Frédéric and Timothée that started the project. This one box is unique, falsely wise, the team has chosen Vicky’s Fleurie to celebrate this new school year version “New Wave”! Rock with a chic twist, Frédéric, Timothée and their team have a mission if you do accept it: to make the ignorant block you are a real wine connoisseur. I think it’s overall an excuse to make you discover some nice bottles and enlight their days. Amongst them, experts from all around the world with strong characters… quite diversified, you’ll just have to glance at their office to judge by yourself :

In the September’s box, you’ll find the Fleurie de Vicky, the two boys came over this summer, a foot in the cellar, the other in the swimming pool and were… seduced ;) . If you don’t have time to register, don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to get the wines online.

Wiine Me, Timothée & Frédéric at home

Thank you and rendez-vous in Switzerland



IMG_20130917_032842 IMG_20130917_032748 IMG_20130917_032636

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