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The new Vicky Bordeaux Rosé unveiled!

Here it comes, after quite a few days of selection, tasting and reflection, the new Vicky’s Bordeaux Rosé was proclaimed! Bright pink color, just like a ready to be eaten fresh strawberry, easy going, its crisp and full of red fruits. Forget the heaviness and sugar, it’s the light companion to go along with your friends this spring. You will enjoy this special wine from château d’Haurets.

Who did it this perfect? The Ducourt Family in Bordeaux, that is one of the biggest producer of white wine in the Entre-deux-mers region. I’m happy I can work with them with this rosé, I know Jonathan Ducourt for over two years now (picture from the Primeurs 2011), he is a great companion to share a glass of wine but he also taught me a lot about the big wine world around us.

I also met his grandparents that are still living in Entre-deux-mers, watching their children and grandchildren looking after the vines. His brother is the oenologist, his cousin and dad the winegrowers, his ant at the finance, his uncle the director and Jonathan sales the wine all around the world. Parents, cousins, uncles meet every Thursday at the grandparents to share a nice lunch. You should have seen when my dad from Beaujolais came to share his wine there! He was very excited and it was a wonderful time exchanging between our two very different regions. 

Hope you’ll be having a sip of this energy juice soon, they all loved it in London last week.

More news coming up on the labels ! 




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