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The year kicked off well in #beaujolais

January 26th, 220 of the friends of Brouilly gathered in Saint Lager, a few minutes away from Belleville-sur-Soâne, I was called to enter the brotherhood, the speech put tears in my eyes and the new job I was given was probably the best and easiest one ;-).

“I commit to respect the status whose obligations are: improving the top of Mountain Brouilly and the beauty of its site, develop tourism, stimulate artistic, folkloric and cultural gathering, to allow in the high place of the Beaujolais the encounter of foreigners with people of the terroir, friends of Brouilly, artisans and shop owners, all bound by friendship, essential ground of our society. It is also the aim for propaganda of all our Beaujolais”

For the best of my smile, this year in Beaujolais started incredibly well. Saint Vincent is important in many French vineyards, he is the saint of vine growers, the occasion to celebrate every late January. So was this week in Beaujolais-Villages and in Brouilly country lands.

Saint Vincent : Tuesday 22nd of January: Domaine de Buis-Rond
(where my cousin makes my Beaujolais-Villages)

I came for a very serious cause : introducing the organic winemakers of Beaujolais to social medias. We discussed technique, time management, benefits and went into a few case studies. They didn’t miss the occasion to make me taste their wines : pleasure and wildness guaranty! I hope some of you can come to the BBB « Bien Boire en Beaujolais » the 8th of April, a sublime event to taste the diversity of Beaujolais wines (organic, natural and traditionnal). Drop me a line if so!


Saint Vincent - Saturday 26th of January: Saint Lager (Pays de Brouilly)

This year I was chosen as the godmother of the « Fête des Crus du Beaujolais » (Beaujolais Cru Festival), an honor and a great responsibility. I hope to see you in Pays de Brouilly the 27th and 28th of April, I can help you with the trip if you drop me a line.

To start with it, I was invited to celebrate with the Friends of Brouilly Fraternity (la confrérie des amis de Brouilly). Not like some other crus like Fleurie or Chenas, the Brouilly cru of Beaujolais doesn’t come from a village’s name that would be Saint Lager, Cercié or Odenas: where the « Fête des crus » will be held.

I was told that Friends or Brouilly are about 4000, with antenna in other countries like Belgium, Switzerland and in England since 1920. We can feel reinsured, Brouilly wine shall never be drunk alone. Cheers friends!


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