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Memories of a nap in the vines – Medoc, Patache d’Aux

I didn’t take any holiday this summer, and the more rain falls, the more I want to hide in between two rows of vines to take a nap. Which is what I had been doing without even realizing the first time I went in the Medoc. June 1st, visiting 2 of Lapalu Vineyards : Patache d’Aux and Liversan.

Surrounded by things to do, reports to send and emails to answer, I was suddenly joining a very welcoming Medoc family. Sleeping at château Liversan in a princess room, it was a nightmare to resist falling asleep and keeping on working…while I should just have met the prince in my dreams!

In the morning, the smell of roasted toasts melted with the old house perfum made me dive back in my childhood : holiday in the vineyard.

patachedeau Nap by Château Liversan

After a walk in the vines and the lunch that could have been home made by my Grandma…Impossible to resist the nap : one I’m thinking about every day since.

Medoc is by the sea and by the estuary that lead there. That makes a big difference with some other wine regions : there is an escape, another side to the vines and another door for your thoughts. What a great feeling to feel the strong salty wind waking me up from my dreams!


The château Liversan is one of many more domaines from Domaines Lapalu are a group of vineyards that started up in 1964 (AOC Medoc, Haut Medoc et Bordeaux Blanc). Patache d’eau is the flagship domaine but besides it and Liversan you also have Leboscq, Lacombe Noaillac and Lieujean that give birth to about 20 wines a year all together ( t’s all well explained on the very informative website.).

Patache d’eau in terms of wine characteristic, is the stronger one even though Medoc wines are tannic overall. The label is orange and shows a stagecoach. The story is the one of chevaliers “Aux” going through the vineyard on stagecoach – locally called “Patache”. The château Patache d’eau reminds of these old times and brings history back to life on the label, it’s also a way to remember that we are all dependent of seasons and technical evolutions to make stuning wines.

Patache d’Aux : 60% de Cabernet-Sauvignon, 30% Merlot et 10% Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Overall very powerful, tannic, spicy. It goes well with a red meat and will age well and I could hardly drink it by itself.

Château Liversan : By Pauillac, 40% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc et 5% Petit Verdot. Rounder than Patache d’Aux, with a silkier structure. Overall, a delicate Medoc !

Another amazing Journey ! … Next I should come back, stop napping and taste all the domaines’wines!

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