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The idea of a White Horse: Visit at Cheval Blanc New Wine Cellar

If I was going to sleep in a princess castle, I had to find a white horse to lead me the way.
Perfect timing, beautiful poetic day in the bordeaux wine lands. Sunny and grey, windy and warm.

It all starts with a “mise-en-bouche” at Saint Emilion,
Romantic and elegant, smile and check out the landscape.
In a minute time there you arrive at Cheval Blanc
the new wine cellar is about to open its doors,
You ought to be on to a good day.

Cheval Blanc, the white horse of wines, a prince drink, any princess dream
Had to flatter its wine with a grand unique building.

Majestic, perfectly matching this day grey green clouds and blue openings.
Soft Lines, falling on the castle,
Trees perched on the top embracing the sky.
Modern, Pure, elegant
Stands the new cellar.

Inside, fresh temperature,
Grand, clear, bigger than any of you,
Concrete and wood,
Enlighten by the natural light coming through.

It is where time stops,
Where you pause and don’t remember for how long
You’ve been watching the tanks
Thinking of who you are, where you want to be and what there is still to achieve.

It’s a room to reflect upon,
Where you wish no disruption
Where I imagine falling asleep, right there, in the middle,
Waking up like the Sleeping beauty.

I couldn’t really fall asleep anywhere,
The architect, Christian de Portzamparc was telling a story,
And Dom Perignon (2002) was served on the top garden to celebrate the view.

A grass floor with blue flowers: flax, cornflowers…
Maples, Hornbeams, Pines…
Bellflowers, Geraniums.

Beautiful insight from Christophe Lonca.
Jardin d’Eden standing there, on the top of paradise.

The lunch didn’t matter, and the wine was over the top.
I enjoyed the Petit Cheval thinking that the Cheval Blanc 1990 was probably a thing too many.
When arrived château d’Yquem 1986, more beauty my senses could take on,
Something I’d enjoy with a lover or a good friend, in the intimacy of a quiet atmosphere.

I would have needed more minutes to stare, next time I bring my tent and start a sitting there ;-)

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  • Isa (3602 days ago) Reply

    Can I camp with you next time you're going there? we have to try some cheese and pastry with Yquem...

  • missvickywine (3602 days ago) Reply

    Perfect Idea, don't forget your sleeping bag, we can sleep on the roof and watch the stars ;)

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