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Bringing Terroirs Associés Live @Vinexpo!

I’m about to embark on a train to Vinexpo, Bordeaux. You know? This other huge wine event that makes the wine world talk well before it starts. Time speeds, it feels like the London International Wine Fair was just yesterday!

My schedule is ready, tied and exciting: parties in beautiful châteaux, focus on the Douro, talking at a conference, meetings with friend winemakers and interesting wine professionals. Night will be short and my palate ‘d better get in shape!

At Vinexpo, hundreds of stands for even more winemakers on thousands of hangars square meters. HIt’s like a small planet with a life long of 4 days with its satellites events that are popping up all around in the bordelais.

How to make your way? To survive to such a big event, small and medium winemakers need to gather. On the planet, you find regional groups of wine makers like the Douro Boys, Rhône Vignobles or Les Etoiles en Beaujolais but you also have transversal ones like les Jeunes Vignerons d’Europe or Terroirs Associés… the one I will be proudly be following at Vinexpo :-) . They all teamed up for an ideal and a real passion for their work.

Terroirs Associés ?

… is a group of 12 winemakers from 12 different appellations. They make wines all over France from Anjou to Languedoc. With human size vineyard, they focus on the expression of terroir in their wine.

It’s always a mystery to me how these groups of winemaker manage to get organize and create a label.For Terroirs Associés, it’s been 10 years of success. I’m very happy to follow them during the exhibition. While learning from this insider’s experience, I’ll also be there to help them show better on the web. Each day I’ll report their adventures and make sure you too, can share a bit of Vinexpo with us.

Let’s Follow the band! Jump on the bus with us!
Terroirs Associés @Vinexpo
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