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Hunt for a Vicky’s Rosé #Adventure #provence #part1

Today I’ll receive the first 600 bottles of my special pink Cuvée – Miss Vicky Wine in Provence 2010, coming straight from the domaine de L’Anticaille – final choice!  It was not an easy way but I’ve learnt all along the road!

Hundreds of rosé were presented in Provence this winter, I tried many of them to make sure I’d do the right choice. I’ve met winemakers to see if they’d fit with me, tasted there wine to see what it could be. The one I’ve chosen is a mixed of hazard, moments, feelings, smiles and taste. Let me tell you the story!

Winter time in Provence feels very special. It’s calm, cold yet sunny. Perfect timing to explore the wine world! It’s amazing how the landscape can look different to you depending on why you are in the place for. It was my first time in Provence for wine, every little vine tree counted. Every little sip too.

Provence is not equal, the countryside looks much different if you are by the sea side, by the mountains or in the fields. Some places have jsut too many inhabitants, others look just like California with palm trees, others are more desert, pure. You have hills and plains, mountains and sea. I had a crush for the Montagne Sainte Victoire whom grey apparel matches the blue sky and the naked vines perfectly.

The feeling I had when seeing the mountain probably influenced my perception of the wines from this appelation, also the fact that the name Sainte Victoire reminds me of my own name and it sounds really cool ;) .

I’m lucky because wines made out of this particular place are more subtil and classy than the average côte de Provence, also delicate and rich. The mountain protects the vines from the mistral and the hill from the sunshine. The soils are poor made of limestone and clay.

Côte de Provence Sainte-Victoire is is a renown appellation in Provence and it’s also a very new one. Born in 2005, it came from the statement that Côte de Provence were not one but many. As a result, Provence has decided to have different climate in this appellation, just like Burgundy!

But before I tell you more about my search… and the very domaine I’ve chosen. Here are the first step of my adventure in images :

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