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#vinocamp : I’m cool, I drink Languedoc wines in Carcassonne

I’ve just got back to beaujolais, head full of ideas, heart booming, body tired…and I can only think of my amazing time in Languedoc…

I’ve spent the weekend in Carcassonne for the 3rd edition of Vinocamp,
an event I organise with Gregoire Japiot, geek and wine lover from Burgundy.

  • For everyone that met online to share a glass for real.
    Vinocamp meets up in different wine regions, teams up with a strong wine and web figure there and creates a moment for wine lovers to discuss and improve the way they use the web to make the wine talk.
  • Here in 46 secondes:
  • So WHY to Vinocamp? The social media is complex, it involves skills and some tools many are still not familiar with and wine is well behind in using it to express itself.
  • But..What’s more social than wine? Hard to find anything after a week-end spent with wine lovers and social media experts. Ideas mixed, wine from Languedoc, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Rhone, Spain and Portugal was poured, well reprensenting the diversity of participants from winemakers to web developers from all sights.

    The Vinocamp it is a day to think, taste, laught and another day to walk in the vineyard and have a feel of the winemakers experience. This time in Languedoc, we were at O’Vineyard with wine maker and social media expert Ryan O’Connell we helped us organising the whole event.

  • Our Languedoc Organiser
  • Ryan is American and settled in the Languedoc a few years ago with his parents to start a new adventure at O’vineyards. Since then, he did a lot for the Languedoc through social media and is a perfect exemple of how web tools are a wonderful way to tell your stories, give value to what you do and sell better.

    • So What ?

    In France and elsewhere, we have plenty of ideas, but we sometimes lack ways of exchanging them effectively. Wine is a reality and a fantasy, everyone has different thoughts and dreams about it. But if we’d team up we’d be able to explain what’s wine all about better, we’ll get some new wine lovers in, we’d sell more, inform the consumer in a smarter way and help everyone drink what at the right moment.Vinocamp want to think of a better future for the world wine web. Built new synergies. It certainly has something of an utopia, but I believe things can change for the better and we were over a hundred there to believe in it.

    For the sake of wine for all, Santé !
    For those that I have spend the weekend with, Merci !

    Vinocamp Languedoc Wine Diversity

    • Slowly switching to English but already available in French :

    Vinocamp on Facebook
    Vinocamp on Twitter
    [email protected]

    • Next French edition - Bordeaux 9/10th of July 2011
    • Next European edition - Lisboa 27-29th of May 2011

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    • Pauline Boët (3907 days ago) Reply

      We had a blast! Thank you!!

    • missvickywine (3907 days ago) Reply

      Thanks to you for joining the crazy crowd ! Hope to Vinocamp with you soon !

    • vincent P (3907 days ago) Reply

      Can't wait to go in Lisboa for my first Vinocamp. The shame...
      Otherwise, if I'm lucky I'll be able to go through Porto, to visit few Quintas, hum should be awesome.

      • in reply to vincent P #2
        missvickywine (3907 days ago) Reply

        Vincent, I can't wait to see you again, so good to hear you are truly going to Lisboa, Keep an eye on the coming up details ! Bisous

    • Virgile Joly (3906 days ago) Reply

      I wish I could have been with you all in Carcassonne, bravo for putting on such a great event and bonne continuation à vous tous !

      Virgile Joly

    • Ryan O'Connell (3906 days ago) Reply

      Thanks, Vic :)

      Can't wait to see Lisbon and Bordeaux live up to the Carcassonne magic!!

    • ward (3906 days ago) Reply

      Thanks for the awesome weekend at #vinocamp Carcassonne, magic moments indeed!

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