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Sherry mon Chéri ?

As Saint Valentin is today and as I have no “chéri” to go for a date with – I may as well order my own “Sherry”. I don’t know weither it’s because sherry sounds like “chéri” in French, or because these nutty aromas are making it to my palate – but I’m totally nuts about sherry!

Sherry je t'Aime !

Sherry is made of white wine fortified with brandy and aged in oaked barrel, sounds just like a man’s drink! By the way, the exact name for this fortified wine isn’t as romantic, it’s “Jerez” in Spanish, “Xeres” elsewhere and of course “Sherry” in Britain. I always new that those British had this little “Je ne sais quoi” that makes the difference. What a perfect name for such a seducing wine!

Sherry comes from South Spain, Andalucia, between Cadiz and Sevilla: So Sherry comes from paradise. Of course, Paris is one of this other paradise where you can hardly find sherry, so I don’t drink enough of it: I never drink any. 

If so, today should be different, If I have the choice of a sherry for Valentines, which kind would I pick ? Sounds easier than picking a chéri…let’s have a go!


Who will be my Chéri ?

Who will be my Chéri ?

As part of the Secret Sherry Society, I feel like a detective on the best of sherry tracks. Sniffing around, looking at sherry places with “chéri” features… here is what I’d say :

  • First – Why we don’t drink sherry ? Because we don’t know what the hell this is and if we ever think of it we think of an 80s old TV series featuring mature gentlemen in a leither armchair smoking a cigare. So I never thought at any point that it would be decent to order a sherry  in a restaurant. Just like I would never dare inviting a handsome stranger man for a date in a bar. Also, I’m starting to order armagnac, which has an even older image in my mind, so maybe after all, sherry is not dead, and I may as well share it with a mysterious man. Or maybe, I’m just into older men ;)
  • I love sherry when it’s dry, nutty and raisiny. In them you feel a strong man, you travel back in time. Powerful they make you dive in another dimension, where it’s only possible to relax and stay steal. It must mean I like rich sherry like the Amontillado, with more  oxidation to occur than a Manzanilla with sometimes in the nose, something of buttery almonds. I like it dry but if you like sweetness and fruits, you can find also find them in some other sherries. 
  • If you like lighter alcohol and can’t handle the strenght of sherry, it’s also very appreciable when mixed. Like you mix cognac with ginger ale, why not mix Sherry with other mixers? I’m not so much into cocktail but there is a great list made by the sherry secret society you might want to try or some others around here.

In Fino

It’s hard to find some Sherry on a casual walk in Paris, you’ll be luckier with Cognac or an Armagnac.I am pretty crazy about them too. This said, it would be great to have a little “Chéri” invasion in the city of love from time to time ;)

Time for serious matters, as a Secret Sherry Society agent, I’ve sleuthed and gathered a few addresses for our Parisians birds: 

… Thank you to the Secret Sherry Society for helping me spread my love for Sherry ! 

Love from France


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