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#PinotMoment: When each time, I fall in love with Burgundy

Today is the Pinot Moment ( #pinotmoment on Twitter ), it is a day when, if you are a Pinot Lover, you’d better say it outload around here.

I am a Pinot Noir absolute fan, and so #pinotmoment means a lot of moments to me. If I had to recall a few, it would probably be the first time I went to Burgundy to check the terroir out. Because if you were not sure about that yet – Red wines in Burgundy are made out of Pinot Noir. And they are some of the best in the world.

  • Burgundy Moments

This was on the #ChardonnayDay (YES, I know, many grape days out there) that it all happened. I was going to Burgundy for wine reasons for the first time in my life. Taking a tour from Dijon to Beaune all the villages plates have only put stars in my eyes !

Because in Burgundy, there is actually a village called Nuits Saint Georges, another called Pommard. Because you can also have a view of the Clos-de-Vougeot and even make sure the Romanée Conti is not only a fantasy : all of a sudden, you truly feel you are part of a dream – I was like a kid on a play ground.

La Romanée Conti : Vines Shots

La Romanée Conti : Vines Shots

Random or not I can’t tell. The day before was the one and only time I’ve tried some wines of the Romanée Conti and almost cried for a Romanée Saint Vivant (article here), it was the day I had a crush on Burgundy pinot noir. And the dream is on each time I go down to the Burgundy vineyards…

A few weeks ago at Albert Bichot during the Hospices de Beaune Auction : Live Dream… Or a few weeks  before during the Vinocamp Bourgogne 2010.

A pinot moment tells you a story
It keeps your heart warm
It makes you travel through countries and memories
It‘s a love story and for some, still a fantasy

What’s Yours?

  • Evening Land Vineyards

Hearing about Evening Land Vineyard on the #PinotMoment day, I can’t help being very curious. Evening Land Vineyard seems to be a little corner of Heaven in the US. A corner where pinot noir is THE star and where wine makers strives to make the most of it.

Here is what you read on their Facebook page:

Evening Land Vineyards came about from a simple quest: to find the best places on the western edge of the United States that tease the limits of growing pinot noir, to acquire and maintain estate monopole vineyards and lastly, to farm these vineyards organically.

And there words are magic: I haven’t tried the wines (yet) but I am already under charm.

On that #pinotmoment, I wish to travel the world to taste some exotic pinots
and make sure myself that there is no such a place as Burgundy ;)

If you want to share your Pinot Moment too, here are a few tips I’ve gathered in a small video

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