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I am a wine blogger. What a strange idea when you are not one and what kind of idea do you have of one when you read them.

Well oddly this time, the perception of what a wine blogger could be, is often the reality of what a wine blogger is in real life: a wine lover, an adventurer, a story teller and a socialiser. This person can also be a doctor, a lawer, a retailer, a student or a wine professional.

Also, as there are probably as many different ways to wine blog than they are wine bloggers, you can decline the story in as far as your imagination can go from there Wine On the Rocks to the Wine Sleuth, to  this one for instance,

Ready for the Conversation at Vinocamp Bourgogne

in French I am sorry (You can just watch, it’s an experience in itself). Some go in the vines, some stay in their cellar, host friends at there kitchen table or go to wine bars. All in all, magic happens, stories begin and go on.

From Offline to Online, we go

Some also go to the Wine Blogger’s Conference. And there my friends is the grand show. WBC (last June in Walla Walla, Washington State) or EWBC ( A few weeks ago in Vienna, Austria) for the European version, are huge reunions of wine bloggers and the like who want to meet them – in real :) .

Ready for the Wine Trip like Walla Walla school boys

Strange idea, very well realised indeed. And how couldn’t it be? Wine, wine lovers, wine theory in practice, wine blog conversations, wine love spreading action! Wine lovers and wine geeks reunions also happens in other form, the tour de France of wine geeks today also in the Vinocamp version. These reunions my friend are a cocktail of ideas and tools to better share and maybe live of our passion. It helps make the dream happen.

EWBC - Party Time in Vienna!

From the online, you go offline, then you go back online and it’s stronger. So you want to meet again offline, have even better laughers, go back online and share deeper and stronger. Then you forget to age, you enjoy life and never forget to share. Finally, slowly, the whole world will get to share their wine experience and soon on the planet, grape juice should replace water (okay I’m pushing the story a bit too far).

Slowly giving body to Miss Vicky Wine

If I insist, and if I may insist later again in the message, it’s probably because it’s where I was born as Miss Vicky Wine. Not that I was not a wine blogger the first time I went to a wine blogger conference. Not that my family was not into wine either. But, the concentration of energy I found in the bunch of Epicurean souls truly gave me what it takes to go on, believe in the wine dream and share it to the crowd. A year later I’ve grown up, my encounters have led my wine to the US, and I’m organising wine events.

A Time to Celebrate

This is my friend, not to tell you to become a wine blogger. But to believe in what you like, what makes you laugh and lets your day happen. For me it is to share wine. Because wine has its different expressions in each part of the world, country, region, and for each wine maker. It’s also a way to share, dream, travel, and get to know someone better, maybe to get to know what’s in your dreams.  It’s a medium.

Believe in what you do, if you may not end up a millionaire, you may just end up being what you were meant to.

Never that easy.
Never say never though.


Sip with you soon
A bientôt !

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  • The Winesleuth (3971 days ago) Reply

    awww,thanks for the shoutout Anne-Victoire! A friend once who told me, follow your passion and the money will follow (well, she is American,but you get the idea. It is possible to do what you love and make a living, sometimes quite successfully). I think we and all other winebloggers are fortunate enough to have this passion that propels us onwards each day. A bientot, indeed! :D

    ps. the link to me is broken! :(

  • missvickywine (3971 days ago) Reply

    It's all fixed now Denise! Yes, you were there at my first days and your passionate soul helped me a bunch. Thanks for all the support darling!
    See you soooon!

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