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Wine and Internet: Where to be, what do drink, when to spit?

While the social media put us in a new era, you can hear everywhere in French vineyards that “C’est la crise”, French wines are in perils!
Gladly, the first one seem to be able to cure the other. The social media goes perfectly well with wine and comes as a medium for our palates to express themselves. After all, wine is social; it makes you talk more than usual and rarely leads to consensuses. There are place sfor each of this spirit on the web, and others to gather them: just like in an animated wine bar or a humid cellar. Let the conversation buzz!
This is happening now! World Wide Wines are building up their drinking space on the net.


Gary Vaynerchuck (@Garyvee) had just published his book on the wine and Internet when I arrived at the EWBC (European Wine Blogger’s Conference) in Lisbon. Sponsored by Internet kings, the bloggers’ crowd that we were couldn’t find a better place to spend the weekend.
When Doug Cook (@ablegrape) started talking about, everyone stopped sipping, paused and listened. Same silence when this was Philippe Hugon (@Vinternet) talking about Wine Everybody. Philippe is a French gentleman, which is ironic when you think I had to go all the way to Lisbon to meet him! Finally was the speaker of Addega, a very rich tool combining the search engine capacity and the social intelligence you need to be all set online while sipping a great vintage.

“Ryan Opaz – one of the main EWBC organiser”

I was already on OpenWine Consortium – the Facebook of winos – and thought I had done all what I could. I had not- After this time in Lisbon, the spectre of possibilities became infinite.
I had only freshly returned from the EWBC when launched its website during a beautiful tasting in Paris. Franck Thomas, Findawine’s sommelier presented 5 wines that were paired with 5 French cheeses. The English name they chose for the French company shows all the ambition of this new powerful search engine for wine: French made, International to be.


  • is the baby of the wine and Internet industry. This new search engine is probably the most complete and powerful tool for wine lovers. Just like Addega, it combines an impressive search capacity (1 496 211 wines) to the ability to interact with others users on their wine choices. It also allows you to compare prices, millesimes, keep track of your cellar and  soon to match your favourite dishes with your best wines.
Started up by Damien Bonnabel and Julien Pichoff, it encompasses all Franck Thomas ‘ knowledge. Europe and France best sommelier in 2000, Franck also worked in many of the Michelin stars restaurants. So is helping you to reach the pleasure that goes with drinking wine … What else do you need?

Philippe Hugon for Vinternet (Wine Everybody)
  • Wine Everybody is a project led by Vinternet; a French web agency specialized in the wine in  since 1995. This is where you’ll find famous names but also a whole new generation of wine bloggers, twitterers and members of social networks passionate and fascinating. I find it very useful to help you track down all what is said on wine and the Internet.

“When you’ve seen this shirt, you understand Rob McIntosh” A powerful marketing tool!

  • First, if you are into wine, the first step is to make friends on Openwine consortium. It features the world’s premier online wine business network, on a mission to improve the world of wine. The Facebook of wine thanks to geniuses like Rob McIntosh (@thirstforwine) and Ryan Opaz (@Caravino_Ryan)!

  • is a wine search engine — not for comparison-shopping, but to research and learn about wines.  It aims to be the world’s most comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative source for online wine information.

  • Adegga is made to help you discover while taking out the complexity. It relays on other people choices and let you organise your wine selection thanks to a personal list ,easily manageable. As in any social network, you can add friends that match your interests. Complete and easy to use!

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    Hi Vicky, interesting post. I can't miss the chance to mention the wine guide and wine community Hope to read some of your wine reviews there pretty soon ;-)

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    Hello Marc,
    Sorry I didn't know you at the time. I'll do my best to catch up with the delay ! Hope to meet you soon. VW

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