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Vicky-Sherry & other Sweeties: EWBC tasting with Vinoble

European Wine Blogger Conference 2009: What a surprise when I realised that sweet wines got my heart!

Even though I was born in the vines, I realise every day how much I have to learn.
I always assumed I hated sweet wines, and I don’t. Amongst the incredibly rich human experience I had during those 3 days, I have first decided this crush deserved to be the centre of my attention to introduce you to this incredible adventure that is the EWBC.

Lisbon, October 29th – I was almost moaning when they announced the Vinoble tasting. 8 sweet wines, natural sweet wines and fortified wines to sip before dinner, what an assignment! Well… My lips reached the glass, and the Sherry got me:

Perez Barquero – Gran Barquero –Amontillado: A clear amber colour, a stunning nuts bouquet and the longest dry finish my palate has ever experimented. A bomb, wonderful !

Justino’s Colheita 1995 DOC Madeira: What a beautifully surprising nose and palate. I’ve found some orange blossom water on the nose and the palate, a place and time where I had never expected it – this bouquet is certainly imprinted on my brain forever !

Bacalh’o’ Moscatel Roxo DOC Setu’bal (100% Moscatel Roxo) 1999. Very, fresh and delicate nose, a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. Closing my eyes, I see myself running in a green field filled in with savage flowers. Have I ever said I disliked Moscatel… can’t remember anymore…

For the Porto, even thought I’ve tried the Niepoort’s 1983 and a few Quevedo, my palate was too tired for the « coup de cœur » is not for today… Oscar and Daniel will certainly have more time in the following years to convince me with their selection!


If you have time and want to taste great sweet wines, run to the city of Jerez in Andalucia for Vinoble: the International Exhibition of Noble Wines (30th of May, 2nd of June 2010).

What’s even better is that Portugese deserts go perfectly well with thèse wines. I am not fond of deserts usually, no one would have believed me in Lisbon!

Pastel de Nata, Almond Cake and of course
Dom Rodrigo, certainly my favorite! A melange of egg yolk and almond paste that is a very rich spoon of heaven!

Thanks to the bloggers’ pool for the pictures!

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