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“American Love” rue de L’Arbre Sec

You are in Paris, you are American and tired of the Parisian anti-everything spirit ? You also love wine, amazing food and the arts? Then welcome to rue de l’Arbre Sec !

Rue de l’Arbre Sec is a nest for any American who wants to feel loved, or any American lover seeking to hang around the finest of them all.

You feel like a French wine education is what you are missing, but you can barely pronounce the word « vin »? Number 52 is where you stop.

Olivier Magny and The O Château team will greet you warmly
in their beautiful cellar with a wine tasting in English – s’il vous plaît! Who said the French couldn’t speak the language of Shakespeare? The quick introductory wine tasting would be best if you are a real beginner and want to learn the basics(Wine, 2, 3 wine tasting – One hour présentation – 3 wines) but you’ll also find many other way to learn.

Until November 8, the artist Rolf Saint Agnès is also exhibiting at O Château. I had the chance to meet him at the opening a few weeks ago. And as you can imagine… no one is coming to O Château for no reason. And so didn’t Rolf. Rolf is part of those American lovers that once left France to pursue their dream. New York gave birth to his art, a city that was his for ten years but that he then left for the quietness of a wooden house in the middle of a Californian forest. That also is where lay Rolf originality, in a paradox between a man that felt in love with the New York City Buzz and who also find his thoughts while going back to nature, in the silence of the trees.

His painting marry perfectly wine and poetry, with tricky plays on words in both French and English that go well with the metaphorical images he draws. His works are adjust to the place, as if it was where they were meant to be.

In a few canvas, with a medium made of wine and oil, Rolf puts Paris in a bottle of wine. come check it out on Tuesday when it is open to the public, and enjoy a glass of his favorite drink!

“Into the Wine” – Canvas and Poem

What was not my surprise when on my way to O Chateau I bumped into another of my heros, Daniel Rose: The American in Paris. Could sounds random but not so much when you know that a bit further on the street is the soon to be open, famous Daniel’s gourmet store- wine bar and cellar. A few meters away from there will also be his new sumptuous restaurant. If you still don’t know who this man is, shame! Check this post: Daniel Rose Parisian Hero @ Spring. And if you do, well …

Meet you there!

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  • winesleuth (3925 days ago) Reply

    Paris in a bottle - love it! The Ch. O sounds like a great place to visit, wine and art a fabulous blend.

  • Vicky Wine (3925 days ago) Reply

    This is a great place, when you are in Paris there will be many more!

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