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London St Pancreas International : Welcome To Paradise!

There are Old Wine Countries New Wine Countries, and there is London

From the West to the East, bars to shops, park to sidewalks, everything you can dream about can be found in London city. Love it or hate it, this place to me is a paradise, a paradise for people, food and wine lovers. Don’t look so surprised! if the British can’t cook, they ask the best chefs to cook for them or have enough Kebab shops to allow you a drastic selection after midnight. If they can only make cider and spirits, they’ll import cheap wines but also the best wine on the planet. And if they sometimes prefer the comfort of communities to world diversity, they are also kind enough to say welcome, At least in English.

Quality is not always their favorite word but–unlike the French– they seem to understand that they are not the only ones on the planet, and this is something!

On my way to the Eurostar last weekend, I was very excited thinking that I would soon be eating a real burger, maybe meet aliens and eventually drink some non French wines. Believe it or not, this is a rare thing in Paris. As much as I love my home, I know we can be a little hesitant to reach beyond our borders when it comes to wine. We are so obsessed with our beautiful wine that we easily forget that there is a possibility that some other countries may eventually produce a wine that could come close to our perfect juice. Yes.

My experience in London was more than I had ever expected.


Under a stunning sun, I walked around Borough market and stopped over at my favourite Borough Wines shop. Muriel welcomed me with her smile and a weekly wine selection on sale. I had a glass…or two, good enough to wish you all to try them soon.

  • Her Chardonnay is from the Gamme Esprit from Domaine Grézan in the the Pays d’Oc. It smells like a baked apple syrup and taste like pear drops with a peach soft palate. It is refreshing and well balanced. I really like the fact that even though the smell is sweet and reminds you of a toffee, the taste is not and leave you with a fresh and elegant finish.
  • The Fleurie 2005, domaine Monrozier, is one of the best vintage wines from the Beaujolais region. It is fresh, fruity and is my “péché mignon,” one of my vices. I was born drinking it and you should trust my opinion, I know the juice! This is the perfect wine for summer time with nice long evenings with friends. This wine is actually wine and not food, easy to drink, not heavy on the palate or your stomach. It is also certainly complex and gives you a mouth full of red currant flavor. The more you drink it, the more you enjoy it. It is best with goat cheese, red meat and cured meats, but can be drunk on its own at any time. These are a good enough reasons to have a 10% discount on any wine of the domaine wine if you say my name when buying it (maybe not as much as if you go topless, but I never tried so you’ll have to tell me).
  • Muriel is French and as a real native of her country, sells French wine. But she also knows the value of the Nectar from Château Kefraya, A delicious wine from Lebanon that was my Borough crush this day. This charm wine is a mistelle, fortified with a spirit and can go up to 18% alcohol content. The bottle and its color reminds you of a Cognac: deep yellow, limpid and brilliant. The nose is fresh with subtle notes of honey and toffee and reminds you of a Porto. On your palate, this is an explosion of walnut flavour. The sweetness is well balanced and the long lasting fi nish makes you understand why one would call it a Charm Wine. 18£ originally but 16£ for Vicky Wine’s charmers.

If you are just passing by and don’t want to carry a bottle, they sell spritzers in small bottle with a straw, just don’t try swimming in the Thames nearby after this, it could be harmful.
The afternoon had barely started as I awaited a wine tasting in Harrods where Alex, a wine representative was expecting me. I had missed the monthly wine tasting, which takes place every month on a Thursday evening, but luckily they have it on the lower ground floor Wine Shop every Saturday this month of June and often during the year. I will tell you more about this fabulous experience later this week, have a glass while waiting.

This afternoon was long and I could not drink a sip more. What is beautiful in London when you are tired of wine is that you can always rince your mouth with a few pints or go for a stronger and more radical solution with a shot. After 18 wines this Saturday, a Pimm’s was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. In less than one mouth full of this fantasticly refreshing cocktail, my mind was set back in London and I remembered that after all: “ils ont du bon ces anglais”.

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